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King Felipe commemorates 25th anniversary of Barcelona Olympic Games

His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Olympic and Paralympic Games on Tuesday.

It holds a special meaning for His Majesty as he participated in the 1992 Olympic Games as part of the Spanish Olympic sailing team; he also served as the flag bearer for Team Spain. The sailing team finished in sixth place and received an Olympic diploma as awarded to the top eight finishers.

Before the commemoration reception, hosted by the Barcelona City Council, King Felipe met the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach at Albéniz Palace.

His Majesty meeting Thomas Bach. Photo: Casa SM el Rey

His Majesty spoke at the event and emphasised that “as a standard bearer of our national team, I can not help recalling the deep emotion that I felt when representing Spain in that historic event: the immense pride of leading a group of athletes who represented everything we are and what we can do and achieve together. I must confess that many seconds before leaving Montjüic Stadium there were many feelings and a tremendous desire to share them with thousands and thousands of people who saw us dressed in a burst of unforgettable enthusiasm.”

King Felipe also mentioned about the values of sports and the Olympism saying that they “are the principles that, ultimately, give meaning to the Olympic Games: the pursuit of excellence from honesty, competitiveness always accompanied by respect Competition, rivalry with fellowship and even friendship, fair play, respect for rules … A true code of conduct and values, and an authentic school of life, which has shaped the behaviour of thousands of athletes During the successive Olympics.”

The reception ended after the Olympic Flame and the Olympic and Paralympic Banner arrived at the stage.

The King also presided over the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the High Performance Centre of Sant Cugat del Vallès that morning.

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