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King Felipe addresses Spain on Christmas Eve

Last evening on Christmas Eve, King Felipe of Spain addressed Spaniards from Zarzuela Palace. His Majesty expressed well wishes for everyone’s holidays and spoke about events over the past year.

The 13 and a half minute speech began with the King saying, “Good evening. In these hours of Christmas I want to wish you, together with the Queen and our daughters Leonor and Sofía, happy holidays and our hope that 2017 will be a better year for all.”

He spoke about the past events and future “seeking to extract from everything we have lived, especially during this 2016, that best helps us to move forward.”

His Majesty touched on the tragedies and difficult moments that have occurred in 2016 including the recent flooding in some Spanish coastal towns. The King believes that difficult moments are when people are able to “discover [their] inner strength” and explained how on his travels through Spain that he saw the strength and resolve of the Spanish people. His Majesty took the time to also thank all public servants in his country.

He commended Spaniards for their hard work and generosity saying, “You are able to react to any emergency, always proving that, wherever it is needed, where a word of encouragement or a helping hand is needed, there is a Spaniard who demonstrates with works the greatness and the deepest soul of our earth.”

When looking to the future, the King of Spain spoke about working with a positive spirit to build Spain and all of Europe. He then went on to specifically discuss helping Spaniards to “regain their standard of living” to ensure that the younger generations can have hope and confidence in their futures.

Spain’s government was in a political deadlock for ten months until a new government was formed at the end of October with Mariano Rajoy Brey continuing in his role as the Prime Minister of Spain. It was no surprise that His Majesty touched on this subject in his address to the nation. He insisted that “dialogue and understanding among political groups will preserve and promote the basic consensus for the better functioning of our society.” The King said that there is no place in Spain for intolerance of those with different views. The time is now to think about Spain’s future and what Spaniards want for the younger generation, His Majesty told the Spanish citizens.

He went on to speak about technological advances in the world and in Spain. It was images of Their Majesties greeting groups of citizens in the country and visiting factories and their employees that were shown as the speech concluded with King Felipe wishing the people Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a prosperous and wonderful 2017. The final image was of Their Majesties with their two daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, that was released a few weeks ago with their Christmas card.

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