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Antonio Banderas presented with award by King Felipe

On Tuesday, 25 April, at the Paraninfo of the Universidad de Alcalá in Madrid, actor Antonio Banderas was awarded the Camino Real Award by His Majesty King Felipe of Spain. The award, in the form of a gong, was presented to Banderas for ‘disseminating’ Spanish culture in America.

As quoted in the Instituto Franklin, the actor was praised for maintaining his Spanish roots for his American career that spans over 25 years. He spent nearly a decade in theatre and film in Spain before breaking in Hollywood. He is showing no signs of slowing down at the age of 56; he will have six films released this year alone.

He is a “highly distinguished Spanish figure within the artistic American framework that has portrayed cultural manifestations and elements of integration and tolerance. He has lead a generation of Spanish actors of international projection and careers that are recognised within different artistically and film frameworks. Mr Antonio Banderas is, furthermore, a referent of the Spanish values, conserving the Spanish legacy with fervour and remaining faithful to his roots.”

The King added his praise for the actor by saying: “Mr Banderas is a clear example of the talent, ingenuity and versatility that our land is capable of giving. Not only is he an actor of recognised prestige, but he has also developed an infinity of activities within and outside his profession. He has produced artistic creations on both sides of the Atlantic, directed films both in Spain and the United States and has been a successful singer on Broadway.”

As for his ability to marry the connections between Spain and the United States, King Felipe said: “You are already part of the long history of union between Spain and North America…For your work and your tenacity, you have made the Spaniards feel proud of your good work and that you are loved and admired by all.”

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