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Crown Princess Katherine donates $90,000 to the reopening of Serbian hospital

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia had the honour to attend the new opening of the Kovin Psychiatric hospital in Serbia. Her Royal Highness has donated 90.000 US dollars to the rehabilitation of the psychiatric hospital. The donation was given through the Crown Princess Organisation “Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization”.

The donated funds were used for repairs to the hospital, four bathrooms were refurbished, and 38 windows and entrance doors were replaced with new ones.

Her Royal Highness had a guided tour of the newly refurbished bathrooms at the hospital. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

“The occasion for my today’s visit is a great donation, in the value of 90,000 dollars, thanks to which the hospitals’ bathrooms were reconstructed and new doors and windows were purchased. The donation has been provided through the Lifeline Chicago office, whose patron I am,” said Her Royal Highness during the opening of the hospital.

Dr Aleksandra Gavrilovic, the director of the Psychiatric Hospital Kovin warmly thanked HRH Crown Princess Katherine, Lifeline Chicago and The John and Mildred Medic Wuchenich Foundation for their great help.

The Crown Princess also had the opportunity to talk to several of those working at the hospital. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

Last month, the Serbian Crown Prince Couple held a series of charity events throughout Canada.  So for her dedication to charitable work, the Crown Princess received the Pope Francis Award for Charity and Leadership.

The Crown Princess has always done charitable work. During her interview with Royal Central this summer, the Crown Princess said: “I had parents that taught me the joy of giving, not the joy of taking. And they didn’t just tell me; they lived their life by giving. They prepared me for my role without knowing what my future would be. I was very young, and when you learn the joy of giving when you are young, you never forget it. I prayed to God for an opportunity to give of myself since that is happiness, and God gave me Alexander and a whole country. So when you pray, you have to make sure that is what you want.”

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