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Crown Prince Couple of Serbia open tourist season for Royal Palace

On Thursday, His Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Her Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Katherine made the official opening of the 2018 tourist season for their royal palaces in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade.

“I am very glad to open the Royal Palaces for another tourist season. The history and memories of the Royal Compound are magnificent, so it is very important that they are conveyed to our younger generation. Unfortunately, it is often the case that our people are not fully aware about the history and important works of art which are here, and organised touristic tours are the best opportunity to see the art and learn something new”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander during the opening.

Crown Prince Alexander outside the Royal Palace in Belgrade, Serbia. © Royal Central

This year’s tourist season will last from 19 April until 31 October. If you are visiting Belgrade this summer and want to take a closer look at this historical buildings, you can find details on how to book a tour on the Royal Family’s website.

During the tours at the palace, visitors will be accompanied by professional tourist guides and will have the opportunity to visit the Royal Palace, the White Palace, the Royal Chapel of St Andrew the First-Called and the Royal Park, as well as, when available, the opportunity to be greeted by Their Royal Highnesses. The tour is a pleasant walk to get acquainted with history, art and culture of the country.

Crown Prince Alexander shows Royal Central’s Europe Correspondent Oskar Aanmoen around in his palace. Photo: © Royal Central.

The Royal Palace of Serbia was built between 1924 and 1929 with the private funds of His Majesty King Alexander I. The Royal Palace was the home of King Alexander I and King Peter II. Today, the Royal Palace is the home of Crown Prince Alexander and his family. The Royal Palace is surrounded by pergolas, park terraces, swimming pools, pavilions and platforms. There are magnificent views from the palace towards the ridge of Dedinje Hill, Koshutnjak Forest, Topchider and Avala Mountain.

The White Palace, also named Beli Dvor, is located within the same complex as the Royal Palace, and it was commissioned by King Alexander I. The White Palace was also built with the private funds of King Alexander I. The White Palace took almost four years to finish (1934-1937). The ground floor of this classicistic palace houses a large hall and a number of drawing rooms furnished in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI.

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