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Crown Prince Couple of Serbia held reception for 500 students in The White Palace

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander and Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, held a big reception for Serbian students in the White Palace in Belgrade on Friday evening. This is the sixth consecutive year the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Serbia have held such a reception.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess were greeted with a great cheer when they arrived at the reception. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen

More than 500 students with guests had met outside the beautiful Beli Dvor Palace, also known as the White Palace. This is in the same area as the Royal Palace, which is Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine’s home. It was an impressive encounter in the striking heat.

Every secondary school in Serbia and the Republika Srpska selected the best among the graduates, to whom the Foundation for Culture and Education of Crown Prince Alexander gave a commendation and a prize as a recognition for the outstanding results achieved in their secondary education.

The Crown Prince and the Crown Princess of Serbia. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen

Crown Prince Alexander gave a speech where he welcomed everyone. Following His Royal Highness, there were speeches given by the Serbia’s Minister of Education and Culture, a member of the Crown Prince Council and speeches from the various partners of the Crown Prince’s education programme in Serbia.

Crown Prince Alexander said: “I congratulate all the graduates on their success, and I wish you to continue to be the best. You are our pride, and you should be proud of the knowledge that you have acquired.”

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander thanked the partners who greatly assisted the project.

Many had met outside the white palace. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen

At the end, the high school students from all over Serbia and the Republika Srpska enjoyed the verses from the poem “The South Land” by Slobodan Rakitic, recited by actor and TV host Dragan Vucelic.

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