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Crown Prince Alexander opens exhibition about Nicolai Tesla and the Karadjordjevic Dynasty

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander officially opened an exhibition related to the historical ties of the Karadjordjevic Dynasty and the scientist Nikola Tesla. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, wife of Crown Prince Alexander, also attended the opening ceremony together with numerous distinguished guests from Serbian culture, science and art elite.

The exhibition, which is located in the White Palace in Belgrade, was opened last Saturday. The exhibition was organised thanks to cooperation between the Royal Palace and the Museum of Nikola Tesla and will be open to the public until 1 June.

Crown Prince Alexander next to the photograph of his father’s meeting with Tesla. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

During the opening of the exhibition, the Crown Prince gave a speech where he spoke of personal histories when his father, King Peter II of Yugoslavia met with Tesla in New York. The Crown Prince said, “When they met in New York, my father was very young, and Tesla was very old! One represented the future; the other one represented history.”

Nikolai Tesla was born in the small town of Smiljan in what is now Croatia. At that time, the town was a part of the Austrian Empire and later the Yugoslavian Kingdom ruled by the Karadjordjevic Dynasty.

The exhibition in the White Palace. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

His Royal Highness also said in his speech, “Seven decades later we remember and mention both with melancholy and pride. For this, we have good reasons! Both had ingrown into our souls and our hearts, they both represent the very essence of who we are, what we should be and what should not be changed, even if it were possible.”

In a press release from the Serbian Royal Family, the Royal Court says that the visitors to the exhibition will have a unique opportunity to learn more about the contacts of Nikola Tesla and the members of the Karadjordjevic Royal Family, about the royal orders, medals and diplomas by which the Karadjordjevic’s awarded this great scientist.

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