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Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia sends his condolences to the Romanian Royal Family

As a result of His Majesty King Michael of Romania’s death this Monday, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia, has sent his condolences to the Romanian Royal Family.

The condolences were also published on the website of the Serbian Royal Family Monday evening. The full statement is as follows:

“The Royal Family of Serbia announces with great sorrow that His Majesty King Michael of Romania passed away at the age of 96. King Michael was the son of Her Majesty Queen Maria’s brother (Carol II) and Queen Helen who was a sister of Greek King Alexander I, grandfather of HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

“The Royal Family sent condolences and deepest sympathy to Crown Princess Margarita and the entire Romanian Royal Family.

“King Michael, a great-great-grandson of Britain’s Queen Victoria, first acceded to the Romanian throne in 1927 when he was six, ruling for three years after his father Carol II renounced his rights to the throne. He became king again in 1940 after Carol abdicated again. King Michael reigned until communists forced him to abdicate on the last day of 1947.”

Crown Prince Alexander in his office. Photo: © Royal Central

King Michael, the great-great-grandson of Britain’s Queen Victoria, was recently diagnosed with cancer. On Monday he died at the age of 96 in Switzerland. Last year, the former King was admitted to a clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he received continuous treatment after being in a severe stare of physical weakness, according to a statement released by His Majesty’s press office.

King Michael had been in ill health for some time and suffered from chronic leukaemia and epidermoid carcinoma. Princess Maria, the King’s youngest daughter, was at his bedside when he died.

The former monarchies in the Balkans have a close relationship. Earlier this year, Crown Prince Alexander met with members of the Romanian Royal Family as well as the Bulgarian and Albanian royals when the former king of Bulgaria, Simeon, celebrated his birthday.

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