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Crown Prince Alexander hosts coffee tasting event at the Royal Palace

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and the daughter of Crown Princess Katherine, Alison, hosted a coffee tasting event at the Royal Palace on Monday. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander emphasised that he enjoyed coffee and Royal Spring Water as well as delicious products of Bean and Leaf clients Olympus Plaza Food Parks.

Among the guests were the ambassadors with their families from Austria, Brazil, Egypt, India, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Palestine as well as numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps, top management of food and beverage establishments, and prominent citizens.

Carlo Lo Cascio and Mrs Alessandra Scalici Gesolfo, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy together with His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and the daughter of Crown Princess Katherine, Alison. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

Guests were able to enjoy premium coffee from all around the world and Royal Spring mineral water, which proudly supplies the Royal Palace, numerous embassies and hotels such as Metropol Palace, Courtyard by Marriott, Hyatt Regency, Crowne Plaza, Square Nine, Radisson Blu, Mercure Excelsior, Grand Casino, Vinery Kovacevic, Crystal Palace, Villa Jelena, Kalemegdanska terasa and many others.

Bean and Leaf ( is a specialised producer and supplier of quality coffee with espresso, filter and domestic coffee, but also with additional products such as Royal Springwater, teas and hot chocolate. The luxury coffee is made from selected and the best quality beans from all around the world, locally roasted and combined in an authentic aroma.

The Crown Prince of Serbia together with coffee producers. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

Crown Prince Alexander could reveal that he is a great supporter of good coffee. He took his time to talk to different coffee producers and learn more about the different types of coffee from different parts of the world. A large number of guests also got the opportunity to talk to the Serbian Crown Prince and his wife’s daughter.

Statistically, Serbia is number six on the list of top ten coffee consumers in the world. They rank higher than both Germany and Denmark. According to the World Health Organization data, each day, about one and a half billion cups of coffee are consumed. At least ten million of that number are consumed in Serbia.

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