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Romania’s Crown Princess Margareta addresses Parliament of Romania

This past Wednesday, 26 April, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, gave a speech at the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies at a joint session of the Romanian Parliment. Her address was to mark both the passage of one century since the Romanian city of Iasi became the capital of the Kingdom of Romania and to also commemorate the centenary of the agrarian law and electoral law.

These reforms were passed by the Senate and Assembly of Deputies during the period in which they sat in the city of Iasi. Prince Radu and Princess Maria were in attendance; Princess Maria took part in the ceremony.

Following the session, there was an event in the main foyer of the Chamber of Deputies to launch a ‘philatelic’ album containing postage stamps and a medal to mark the Iasi’s centenary as City of the Great Union, 1916-1918.

During the First World War, the Romanian Parliment withdrew from occupied Bucharest and moved to Iasi. The album is to help commemorate the political actions it took and legislative reforms passed to assist in the modernisation of the Romanian state. This was a joint effort from all the parties at that time. King Ferdinand I was quoted as saying, at the first sessions held on 15 December 1917, that it was “a work of national solidarity.”

Below, you can read the address from Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Margareta:

“One century ago, King Ferdinand led the country during the most onerous and magnificent period in our history. My great-grandfather earned the title of the Unifier because he fought alongside his brave soldiers and nation to achieve the Romanians’ dream: the Great Union.

“The session held today by the Parliament of Romania, the institution on which our democracy and freedoms rest, also has another profound meaning: besides honouring the past, today’s event shows that in an uncertain world full of dangers Romania is an intelligent, stable country, which treasures continuity, which builds the future on the foundations of the past, and which is capable of providing the rest of the continent with an example of measure and balance.

“To pay homage to our kings, to commemorate the army’s sacrifice, and to show gratitude to the Romanian nation is, therefore, a patriotic and civic duty. But it is not only that. To speak of the turning point that Romania achieved one hundred years ago is a means of building the future.

“To me, today’s session of Parliament is more than a commemoration; it is an inspiration for the future. King Ferdinand and Queen Marie are the parents of our modern history. If we succeed in rising to the moral stature of our forefathers, we will be victorious in the present and will be able to write our own future.

“So help us God!”

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