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The Romanian government considering referendum to re-establish monarchy

The Romanian parliament has now initiated a process in which they will consider holding a referendum on re-introducing a constitutional monarch as the country’s new form of government. This was reported earlier this week by Romanian Insider.

It is the two leaders of the current Romanian government who have initiated the process. They are Niculae Bădălău, the executive president of the Social Democrat Party and Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander greeted His Majesty King Michael of Romania on an earlier occasion a few years ago. Behind the King is his eldest daughter, Crown Princess Margareta of Romania. Photo: Royal Place Belgrade.

The self-proclaimed Republican, Niculae Bădălăsaidif, according to the Romanian Insider said that the Romanian people need to be asked if they want to live in a republic or a monarchy. Bădălău’s stated his position saying: “The politicians, together with the president and very many other factors should sit down and discuss the monarchy.”

“I think the people should be asked. It is not a bad thing, since countries with monarchy is some of the most peaceful and prosperous nations the world has,” said Bădălău. He added, “It should be discussed, especially since we have seen in the media that there are already many sympathizers.”

This discussion flared up after King Michael of Romania died earlier this month. His daughter was then appointed as Head of the House of Romania. Thousands of royalists poured into the streets to attend the monarch’s funeral, alongside representatives of many European and international royal houses, including the Prince of Wales, former King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía of Spain, and King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and his wife Queen Silvia.

The coffin of deceased King Michael of Romania. Photo: © Casa de SM el Rey

In a speech to Parliament after her father’s death, Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Crown said: “A new time starts for my Family and for the Royal House of Romania. Inspired by the same sentiments as my father, I will continue his work, for the fulfilment of our mission towards the Romanian people”. 

Then-Princess Margareta was born on 26 March 1949 as the eldest child of King Michael and Queen Anne in Lausanne, Switzerland. She has four younger sisters: Princess Elena, Princess Irina, Princess Sophie and Princess Maria. Romania was a constitutional monarchy from 1881 until 1947, when King Michael was forced to abdicate. An authoritarian communist dictatorship replaced the monarchy.

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