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Romanian royalists take part in major demonstrations for reunification with Moldova

More than 17,000 Romanian and Moldovian royalists participated in major demonstrations for the reunification of Romania and Moldova on Sunday.

Romanian monarchists have encouraged their supporters to demonstrate in the streets to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the union between Moldova and Romania. For several months, the monarchist movements have arranged the protest, calling for the return of neighbouring Moldavia.

The Romanian Royal Family has given its support to a new union between the two Romanian-speaking countries. Recently, the Romanian Royal Family visited Moldova and has great support from the local population. Around 10,000 demonstrated in Romania with a further 7,000 people protesting in Moldova for the reunification. The Romanian royalists where heavily involved in the events and at the protests, you could see flags with the coat of arms of the former monarchy.

Margareta, Crown Princess and Custodian of the Crown of Romania. Photo: (CC BY 3.0)/Wikimedia Commons

Moldovan writer Andrei Turcanu, the former deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, was in favour of reunifications with Romania. He described it as “absolutely necessary” and described Moldova as “failed” as a state in his speech to the demonstrators.

The biggest protest was arranged in the Square of the Grand National Assembly in Chisinau which took place on Sunday. The authorities in Chisinau did their best to avoid any potential conflict during the demonstration. Moldovan police confiscated from a group anti-royalists several weapons and a gas mask. Altogether, 21 people were detained for trying to bring weapons to the demonstrations.

The unification of Romania and Moldova is a popular idea in the two countries. The Romanian Revolution in 1989 and the independence of Moldova in 1991 further contributed to the development of a movement for the unification of the two Romanian-speaking countries. Individuals who advocate the unification are described as ‘unionists’. About 33% of Moldovans would welcome a reunification with Romania according to a poll conducted in December 2017.

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