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Her Majesty Queen Margareta, Custodian of the Crown, speaks to Romanian parliament

The Custodian of the Crown in Romania and the new Head of the House of Romania, Her Majesty Queen Margareta, addressed the Romanian parliament on Monday.

This was a solemn session, which began with Romania’s national anthem, in memory of His Late Majesty King Michael. A short film containing a speech from King Michael to Parliament in 2011 was also played. Margareta’s husband, Prince Radu and sister, Princess Maria also attended.

Her Majesty began her speech saying, “The solemnity we participate in is organised to pay tribute to our King, so loved by the Romanian people and admired by the whole world. But the meaning of today’s distinguished assembly has deep roots in 150 years of modern history, full of tragic, as well as uplifting pages.

“I lost, as it had the entire nation, a parent. In these difficult moments, we are united in our suffering.”

She went on to speak about the “goodness and forgiveness” of her father who “defeated all the evils of the last century.” She added that she would continue the values and principles of her father and “to serve the fundamental interests of Romania.”

Importantly she went on to state, “The Crown will continue to do everything possible, alongside the fundamental institutions of the State, for the country’s progress, in the European Union and NATO. The King has always believed it is our duty to be an integral part of such efforts.”

Her Majesty concluded by saying, “In my parents’ heart there has always been a “tomorrow”. With the thought of that “tomorrow,” I am grateful to you for today.”

The full speech can be read here.

Others who spoke included the President of Romania, Klaus Werner Iohannis; the President of the Senate, Călin Popescu Tăriceanu; the Prime Minister, Mihai Tudose and the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Beatitude Daniel.

At the conclusion of the session, for the first time since 1946, the Royal Anthem was played.

Many have noted how the Romanian Royal House has styled Margareta as “Her Majesty.” However, this was expected as it is written in the Romanian House Law written by the late King Michael in 2007 (The Fundamental Rules of the Royal House of Romaniathat, no matter if reigning on the throne of not, they are to be addressed as His/Her Majesty King/Queen.

The law states, “The Head of the Royal House of Romania, by all common practice and convention, is de jure or de facto Sovereign in terms of their authority over the Royal House of Romania, at any time. Immediately upon the death of the Head of the Royal House of Romania, without further proclamation, the Heir Apparent or Heir Presumptive, whichever shall be living and first in the line to the succession at that moment in time, shall from that moment assume the rank or style King or Queen, regardless of the Family’s position as a reigning or non-reigning Dynasty and regardless of the fact that they may or may not later choose against the use of such style or designation.”

Therefore, by House Law, she is Her Majesty Queen Margareta of Romania. The Fundamental Rules of the Royal House of Romania complies with the European Union’s legislation – the European Convention on Human Rights.

Her father, King Michael, died at his home in Switzerland on 5 December.

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