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Queen Maxima to Speak at Global Money Week

Queen Maxima will speak at the De Nederlandsche Bank Visitor Centre on 30 March on the occasion of Global Money Week.

The Queen’s speech will take place at an event aimed for children, according to the official press release on The Royal House’s website, and is organised by Child and Youth Finance International in partnership with Wiser and Aflatoun International.

Queen Maxima will speak about the importance of saving money for the future, and the event will open up the discussion with a “Trip Around the World” workshop that will show children around the world how to properly save money.

The Queen will also receive a document titled “Safer Payment Procedures for Minors – Minors Guiding Towards Financial Autonomy” which will include “guidelines for financial institutions established for safely making payment products for young people.”

Queen Maxima has been a supporter of Global Money Week in the past, and has spoken about its importance.

“As Global Money Week reminds us, it is never too early – or too late – for young people to gain the financial skills they will need to shape their lives and enhance their future wellbeing,” says Queen Maxima via the Global Money Week’s official website.

“Learning how to save is the single smartest financial move young people can make. From piggybanks to electronic accounts, savings tools are vital for helping the next generation build independence, establish security, and achieve their dreams – whether the dream is a small purchase or a significant life investment. And encouraging children and youth to develop the habit of saving can deliver a huge compound effect down the road for individuals and their communities.”

Prior to her marriage, Queen Maxima earned a degree in Economics, and worked at the Deustche Bank in New York as its Vice President of Institutional Sales, then transferred to Brussels to work at the European Union’s Deustche Bank office.

Since 2009, Queen Maxima has severed as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development since 2009, acting as the “leading global voice advancing universal access to affordable, effective, and safe financial services.”

Queen Maxima is also the Honorary Patron of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion.


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