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Queen Margrethe’s New Year Speech to be shown on big screen outside the Amalienborg Palace

For well over a century, Denmark has observed the tradition of the annual New Year’s speech given by the King or Queen to mark the coming year. Offering a sense of transition and reflection, the speech first began during the reign of Christian IX as a “toast to the fatherland.” It has continued over the years, enduring the test of time and become a tradition to remember across Denmark.

It was not until Frederik VIII’s that the speech was publicised for the masses to witness. At the time, it was printed in newspapers and was delivered a day later on January 1 rather than the last day of the year which is still observed until today.

By the dawn of the technology advancement of the 1940s, the speech began to be heard across the country via radio in 1941. In 1958, Frederik IX delivered the first televised edition of the traditional broadcast.

Present day, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe continues the tradition. And the speech is thus distributed to the masses by way of live television and radio. In 2010, it was broadcast across the internet via radio, distributing it worldwide.

Continuing the time-honoured tradition on the final day of 2017, Queen Margrethe will again deliver her speech from the palace’s reception room with a slight difference in broadcasting plans. The live address will be shown at Amalienborg Palace on the big screen in the square. As before, it will be shown by way of television, radio, and the internet at 6 p.m. local time on December 31, 2017.

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