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Princess Stéphanie of Monaco hands out AIDS memorial quilts

Princess Stéphanie of Monaco handed out eight memorial quilts in the Conference Hall of the Oceanographic Museum. The quilts carry the names of 72 victims of the disease and were made by volunteers since 2011. They are 4 by 4 metres in size and have the names, birthdates and dates of death of the 72 people.

“This is a high point in the life of the association,” explains Hervé Aeschbach, coordinator of Fight Aids Monaco. “First for the preparation of quilts, where volunteers and affiliates work to draw, sew, assemble. There are many hours of work, in which everyone talks about the people they honour. And then today, the presentation of quilts to the public is the second high point. Some of these 16-m2 works will be exhibited at the Ministry of State, the National Council or the Technical and Hotel School.”

Princess Stéphanie is the founding president of Fight Aids Monaco (FAM) and she brought along Camille Gottlieb, her youngest daughter.

In a short interview with Monaco-Matin, Princess Stéphanie was certainly determined in her fight and could not contain her emotions: “It’s very emotional We are here to remember those who died in the physical suffering. and often in mental suffering, abandonment, isolation. We show them today that we are there, we support without judging them. Even if they are no longer on this earth. It is important to take action because, nowadays, no one does anything in the neighboring countries, we talk a little on TV, and that’s it. HIV is a forgotten cause. Monaco is a small country but it does much more than large countries in terms of information, awareness, education. and the day of today is made to remember that HIV exists, that HIV kills, it hits every day, regardless of social class, religion, ethnicity or skin color. ”

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