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Princess Laurentien encourages the use of doggy bags

A group of primary school students from Baarn and Amersfoort had a very special person read to them yesterday on Castle Groeneveld. They were there for the Day of the Durability and the book “The World of Food” was written just for the occasion occassion. It was edited by André de Hamer and Peter Heres and includes 18 stories. The book is illustrated by children.

Princess Laurentien read to the children from the book and then spoke to them about durability, including the use of a doggy bag.

“How can we make sure that people really think?”, Princess Laurentien asked the children. One of the children answered, “Make use of a doggy bag.” The Princess praised the answer, “Excellent! A doggy bag. Who knows what that is?” Many children raise their hands, but the Princess continued, “In the Netherlands, we find the use of the doggy bag a bit….well you just don’t do it. How can we make sure that everyone uses a doggy bag?”

Afterwards, Princess Laurentien told Blauw Bloed reporters, “It is clear that the children have many excellent ideas and they even have many concrete and practical ideas. By saying them out loud, it makes us adults think… no, that solution is not too simple and is actually a really good idea. At home, we put leftover food in containers, and we use the solutions that the children came up with. I think it would be really nice if we, in The Netherlands, could make it more normal to ask for a doggy bag.”

The Princess concluded the day by taking a group photo with all the children.

Princess Laurentien is the wife of Prince Constantijn, the younger brother of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. They married in 2001 and had three children together, Countess Eloise (born 2002), Count Claus-Casimir (born 2004) and Countess Leonore (born 2006).



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