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Prince Laurent: “My family and politicians need to leave me alone.”

Prince Laurent of Belgian, brother of King Philippe of the Belgians, has publicly lashed out at his own family and Belgian politicians. He did this in the Belgian newspaper Sudpresse where he lashed out at everybody who has “taunted” and “harassed” him.

“There are several politicians and members of my family who need to leave me alone”, he said in front of RTL Belgium’s camera’s, as he was being interviewed about a meeting of the senate for the 30-year-anniversary of the Animal Wellbeing Act. Although the Act is close to the Prince’s heart, he lost his patience when reporters asked about financial statements from two of his own companies. “The financial statements? Don’t even talk about that, or I’ll get really angry”, he said. “They keep saying that I don’t work and that my foundation is bad. But if they constantly work against you, how are you going to be able to buy clothes or have food on the table?”

“The financial statements are fine. I have paid more to the state than the state has given me my whole life. I have invested millions into the society in several ways. If some politicians and my own family would let me do my thing, I would be able to prove it. So don’t tell me that what I do doesn’t work, because it works fine.”

Prime Minister Michel of Belgium feels that Prince Laurent’s statements are inappropriate and as a member of the royal family should show restraint while giving public statements. He will personally meet with Prince Laurent to discuss the matter.

Just last week Prince Laurent was also in trouble with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Didier Reynders. Prince Laurent had met with the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka without asking permission first, which is mandatory by law. Prince Laurent receives 87.000 euros of salary and 220.000 euros for expenses, but those amounts have been under discussion for quite some time.

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