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Prince Georg of Prussia moves from Hohenzollern Castle to Potsdam

Prince Georg of Prussia and his wife Sophie, Princess of Prussia have decided that in early 2018 they will move from their apartment at the historic Hohenzollern Castle. The family has decided that they will settle in the German town of Potsdam. This was first reported by various German media last week.

The former German Imperial Family will still spend some time at the family castle in Bremen. The Prince’s press manager confirmed that the Prince and his family would spend the weekends and their holidays at the family castle. Large parts of the Hohenzollern family will still live in the castle and the surrounding property, but the head of the family will, as said, move from the castle to Potsdam.

Hohenzollern Castle. Photo: Uvatter via Wikimedia Commons.

Prince Georg has in recent years carried out significant restorations at the castle. He has also brought a lot of attention to it and the surrounding areas. Tourism to the castle has also increased in recent years, and there have been more investors dedicated to its unique history. As late as the beginning of last week, the Prince met with over 250 leaders from Bremen’s political administration, industries and tourist offices for its promotion.

Earlier this year in an interview, the Prince made it clear that he did not want to re-establish the monarchy in Germany. The Prince was asked if he wanted to become Emperor of Germany sometime in the future. He said: “No, I absolutely not. My family has no political responsibility in the country, and I do not want it either. What remains is our cultural responsibility. We have the Hohenzollern Castle as a national monument of culture.”

Hohenzollern Castle. Photo: A.Savin via Wikimedia Commons.

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia, was born in 1976 in Bremen. He went to high school in Bremen and Oldenburg. He completed his upper secondary school at Almond College in Aberdeen, Scotland. Since 2011, Georg Friedrich has been married to Princess Sophie Johanna Maria of Isenburg. Together they have four children.

Georg Friedrich claims compensation for expropriated land and palaces in Berlin. The procedure for compensation was started by his grandfather Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia under the Compensation Act in March 1991.

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