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Prince Georg Friedrich of Preussen: I do not want to be Emperor of Germany

“It is not my wish to become Emperor of Germany,” said Prince Georg Friedrich of Preussen recently in an interview with German media. Prince Georg Friedrich of Preussen is the great-great-grandson of the late German Emperor Wilhelm II and the current Head of the House of Hohenzollern, the former ruling dynasty of the German Empire and of the Kingdom of Prussia.

The Prince was asked if he did not want to become Emperor of Germany sometime in the future. He said: “No, I absolutely not. My family has no political responsibility in the country and I do not want it either. What remains is our cultural responsibility. We has the Hohenzollern castle as a national monument of culture in Berlin and Brandenburg.”

The prince has been the leader of his family, the House of Hohenzollern since he was 18 years old. The Prince said: “At first it was not easy. I was confronted with the fact that people think I am just waiting for the return of the monarchy. And I have always had the inner driving force and prove to others that I can put something on my own. I studied business economics and worked for many years as an employee”.

Hohenzollern Castle in Swabia. Photo: A. Kniesel via Wikimedia Commons.

His family has always had a link with the British Royal Family. The prince describes his relationship with the British family like this: “Our relationship with the British royal family is very close”.

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia was born in 1976 in Bremen. He went to high school in Bremen and Oldenburg. He completed his upper secondary school at Almond College in Aberdeen, Scotland. Since 2011, Georg Friedrich has been married to Princess Sophie Johanna Maria of Isenburg. Together they have four children.

Georg Friedrich claims compensation for expropriated land and palaces in Berlin. The procedure for compensation was started by his grandfather Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia under the Compensation Act in March 1991

  • Good, cause neither do I. Germans are barbarians. Easy to see how the English are related to their Saxon cousins too.

    • Jo-Anne

      I’m German. I’m not a barbarian.

      • Antonio Carmona Santos

        Germans are absolutely not barbarians.
        Will he abdicate?

    • Keith

      Ignorance speaks. Forgot about Beethoven, Mozart etc etc then have we?

      • Germans barbarians like pretending like a handful of rare & exceptional personalities in their history serves to define them all as a society. It’s quite bothersome actually to see the extent of will ignorance that the Germans and their Anglosaxons have obviously no problem demonstrating.

        I’m pretty sure we could ask the rest of the world about European tribes killing themselves and calling it civilization and that most would agree that makes no rational sense.

        Both the English and Germans are Barbarians that converted to Christianity at the tip of a sword after the conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity.

        Few are those that converted willfully back then.
        I think Anglosaxons and Germans only like to remember their pagan pasts when it suits them, but are quick to deny it when confronted with a noble who knows exactly where the hell they come from, and what they’ve really done.

        • Nathan

          your nuts

  • Richard Bowley

    On paper, the Kaiser der Deutschen (Emperor of the Germans) was suppose to be an “elective monarchy” like that of the former Holy Roman Empire and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The reason the Kaiser der Deutschen was a Hohenzollern, was that they controlled the majority of the territory in the Deutsches Kaiserreich, thus when the incumbent Kaiser passed, not only his successor (as Salic Law prohibited a woman from inheriting a German throne, thus why Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is not Queen of Hanover) became King of Prussia, he also became the Kaiser as well (much like the British Monarch, during the Raj, was both King (or Queen) of Great Britain and (until 1922) of Ireland, but also Emperor of All India (“Omnes Imperatoris India”).

    • It is me again!

      The title was actually Deutscher Kaiser, “The German Emperor” and specifically not Kaiser der Deutschen or Kaiser von Deutschland as those implied rule over other German lands as well, such as Austria, and would have been unacceptable.

      The title was not an elective one but automatically granted to the King of Prussia, the main state of the Empire, who was by constitution “the President of the Confederation”.

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