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Prince Albert and Princess Charlene Attend Global Ocean Gala

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene attended an inaugural ocean gala earlier this week at the Opéra Monte-Carlo.

The event, the Monte-Carlo Gala for Global Ocean, was presented by the Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Prince Albert opened the Gala with a speech, saying, “The progress is above all that of public opinion, which increasingly recognises the importance of the oceans, demands action and gets actively involved, as we are doing together today.”

Canadian singer Nelly Furtado and American singer Robin Thicke performed at the Gala, which was accompanied by an auction hosted by Simon de Pury that raised over $14 million to help environmental pursuits.

Items up for auction included artwork from Francis Bacon, the Haas Brothers, Picasso, and a dinner with Prince Albert at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

Chairs for the event read like an international who’s who list: Martin Scorsese, Joe Pesci, Kevin Spacey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andy Garcia, Goldie Hawn, Madonna, Eva Longoria, Tobey McGuire, Adrien Brody, Enric Sala and Terry Tamminen.

Oscar-winning American actor Leonardo DiCaprio was on hand and received the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Award for his environmental work.

“It is time to stop taking our ocean for granted and to start looking after its precious resources,” DiCaprio said in a speech.

“Clean air, water and a liveable climate are inalienable human rights. And solving this crisis is not a question of politics, it is a question of our own survival.”

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation was formed in 2006 as a way to protect the environment.

The Foundation supports “initiatives of public and private organisations in the fields of research and studies, technological innovation and socially-aware practices.”

The Foundation focuses on the Mediterranean, the polar zones, and underdeveloped countries as defined by the United Nations.


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