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Pretender to the French throne takes side in the upcoming French presidential election

The pretender to the throne of France, Henri d’Orléans, Count of Paris, Duke of France, has previously said in several interviews that he would not support any candidates for the French presidential election. Now, he has changed his opinion and stands behind the Republicans (or Les Républicains) candidate, François Fillon. This came to light after he posted a tweet on his personal Twitter profile.

The Duke of France wrote: “J’ai étudié le programme de chaque candidat avec la + grande attention. La seul qui puisse redresser la France c’est François Fillon.” When directly translated into English, this means: “I have studied the programme of each candidate with great attention. The only one who can straighten France is François Fillon.”

Asked by the press why he changed his mind and wanted to get involved in French politics, the Duke said: “Recent events have forced me to take a position in today’s debate.” The Duke followed up by saying: “François Fillon is the only candidate who has the character, strength and the intelligence enough to have such power.”

Henri d’Orléans, the Duke of France, is a member of the House of Bourbon, and one of the current three pretenders to the defunct French crown. He is a descendant of King Louis-Philippe that ruled as King between 1830 and 1848; he is the current head of the Orléans line of the Bourbon dynasty. As such, he is recognised as the legitimate claimant to the throne by those French royalists who adhere to the succession of Louis-Philippe. His supporters are referred to as Orléanists or Unionists. Henri of Orléans is a former military officer as well as an author and painter.

Earlier this month, another well-known French royal was brought into the election campaign against their will when Marine Le Pen, the presidential candidate for the right-wing National Front Party, announced during a political speech in Corsica that she would bring back the body of Emperor Napoleon III to France if she wins the election.

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