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Politicians and royalty from all over Europe mourn Prince Richard’s death

Politicians and royals from all over Europe are mourning Prince Richard’s death. They have all sent their condolences to Princess Benedikte and her family. However, many of Europe’s royal families have chosen to send their condolences privately and have not published official statements, while several politicians have issued written official condolences.

An anonymous source from the Swedish Royal Court has told a reporter from Svensk Damtidning that both the Swedish King and Queen have been in contact with the Danish Royal Family and have sent their condolences. Princess Benedikte’s mother, Queen Ingrid, was born in Sweden and was the current King of Sweden’s aunt making King Carl XVI Gustaf Princess Benedikte’s first cousin. The reason that no monarchy has sent official condolences is that many consider the death of Prince Richard as a family event.

Princess Benedikte’s nephew, Prince Joachim, the younger son of the Queen of Denmark, was at an official engagement for the Danish monarchy yesterday where he participated in an anniversary celebration. When he met the press, he commented on his uncle’s death. “My thoughts are with Princess Benedikte and her children,” said the Prince. His Royal Highness’s mother, Queen Margrethe, has yet to comment on the death.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Røkke Rasmussen. Photo: FCO via Wikimedia Commons.

Official condolences were released from politicians in Denmark. Prime Minister Lars Røkke Rasmussen found it sad that Prince Richard has passed away and had met the Prince several times.

The Prime Minister’s Office published the following official condolence: “It is with great sadness that I received the message that His Highness Prince Richard has died on Monday, 13 March. The government sends its deepest condolences to Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte, their children, grandchildren and all the Royal Family. His Highness Prince Richard has always been a great support to Princess Benedikte in her work, and both of them have been great representatives for Denmark. We honour Prince Richard’s memory.”

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