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Tourist cabin dedicated to Queen Sonja

The Queen’s Shieling, Dronningsetra in Norwegian, is the name of a brand new cabin that will be built near Sikkilsdalen in Norway.

The Cabin is dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway. The Queen’s Shieling is a part of the development in Langsua National Park together with the hiking routes in Jotunheimen. In total, DNT has more than 550 cabins. The cabin will be located at Strålvatnet with a particularly lovely view of Sikkilsdalen, Jotunheimen and east towards Skåbu.

The project is positively received by the Nord-Fron municipality. DNT Gudbrandsdalen hopes they can start the construction work in the summer of 2018. The new cottage is located near the royal family’s own cabin, Prinsehytta.

“This is an area where Her Majesty the Queen has had strong ties to. With her tour-history, Queen Sonja is an inspiration for all of us. We wish to honour the Queen by give one of our cottages the name after her in an area we know means a lot to the queen”, says chairman of DNT, Berit Kjøll.

This statue of Queen Sonja on a mountain trip received the Queen today by the Norwegian Tourist Association – It stands in the Castle Park. Here is the Queen together with the artist who made it. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.


DNT, The Norwegian Trekking Association, is a Norwegian association which maintains mountain trails and cabins in Norway. The association was founded on 21 January 1868 with the scope to help and develop tourism in this country. Queen Sonja has a good relationship with DNT. When the Queen was 80 years in 2017, she received a statue of herself as a gift that is now located the Palace Park in Oslo.

The Queen become an honorary member of DNT in 2007. This happened in connection with Queen’s 70th anniversary. Both the King and Queen of Norway are lifelong members of the organisation and have been this since they got married in 1968.

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