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The Royal Palace in Oslo to have solar panel on roof

King Harald wished that the Royal Palace in Oslo should be more environmentally friendly. One of the measures King Harald has now begun is a test project to see if the palace can supply itself with power. This will be done by laying solar panels on the flat roof of the grand palace in Oslo, Norway’s capital.

Initially, a smaller test facility will be installed, covering only a small portion of the palace’s roof. The goal is, however, to establish a complete solar system on the whole roof. This is not a new idea among European royals. His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden already installed solar panels on the roof of Stockholm Palace in 2010.

The area where the solar panels should lie during the test period has a lot of sun. This map indicates that when the colour is redder, the more sun will hit the area. Photo: Oslo City Council Sun Map.

Statbygg, who is in charge of the maintenance of the palace, announced a tender for the job this fall, and seven offers have so far been received. The test period will last for one year.

It is the roof of the Royal Palace’s northern wing, which will be covered by the solar panels during the test period. This part of the roof is 615 square metres large. It is uncertain how much of the ceiling will actually be covered by the solar panel.

It is the copper-coloured part of the roof of the palace which will have the solar panel. Photo: GAD via Wikimedia Commons.

“When the test period is over, and it turns out to be successful, the plan is to expand the solar system to much of the roof of the palace, with the exception of the part facing the Palace Square. The goal is to meet the future power requirements of the palace”, said Assistant Communications Manager at the Royal Court to the press this week.

The Royal Palace in Oslo is the primary residence of the Norwegian King and Queen. The palace is surrounded by a large park. Parts of the Royal Palace are open to the public during the summer months. The building has three floors and is built in tiled bricks. The palace has three wings and is designed in a neoclassical style.

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