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Queen Sonja’s childhood home becomes museum

Yesterday, Queen Sonja of Norway childhood home was moved from Oslo to Maihaugen at Lillehammer where the house will be set up and exhibited at the Maihaugen museum. Queen Sonja grew up in a villa from 1935 at Vinderen in Oslo. Due to development in the

Queen Sonja grew up in a villa from 1935 at Vinderen in Oslo. Due to development in the area, the house should have been torn down. But to preserve the house and its historical value, it was made in agreement that the house should be moved to Maihaugen. Yesterday, the house reached the museum. It has been a difficult process to move such a large house from Oslo to Lillehammer. In recent days large amounts of snow in eastern Norway has created big problems, but now the house is where it will stand for decades.

The Queen’s childhood home will represent the 1930s in the museum’s “Residential area”. This part of the museum is very popular and is visited annually by over 100,000 tourists. The emphasis will be placed on the memories attached to the house in the period 1935 to 1968. The Queen has both photographs and documentation and remembers well how the house looked like. She also has a good number of objects, and this allows the museum to reconstruct the home as it was originally when the Queen lived there. Tomorrow the museum will have a lecture where they talk about how the house should be set up again and what role the building should have for the museum in the future.

Read more about the museum and its collections here.

Queen Sonja has for decades shown great interest in preserving Norwegian architecture and history. Now her own home is a part of this heritage. The Norwegian Royal Family owns a number of buildings that are already protected. Several of these are classic castles and country estates in classical European style. The Norwegian Royal Family also has several buildings in classic Norwegian style. Including  Kongsseteren in Oslo. This is where the royal family always celebrates Christmas.


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