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Queen Sonja hands out her own School Award

Yesterday Her Majesty Queen Sonja awarded out her School Award. The award went to Ila school in Trondheim. The school received the award because of its work for inclusion.

When the Queen arrived at the school, two of the school’s youngest students gave the Queen flowers to welcome her. Thereafter, the Queen was taken on a tour of the school by the principal and the head of the school’s student council. The Queen participated in a class where she was shown how the student is taught Norwegian through the use of digital learning materials. The award ceremony took place in the school gymnasium. The award consists of a decorative diploma and artistic image that the Queen has created. In addition, they received a check for 250,000 crowns, about 30,000 US dollars or 23,000 British pounds.

Ila school in Trondheim. Photo: Cato Edvardsen via Wikimedia Commons.

Ila school in Trondheim. Photo: Cato Edvardsen via Wikimedia Commons.

After the ceremony, the Queen had lunch with the school`s teachers and students. The lunch was prepared by the school’s students from sixth-grade and consisted of a traditional dish from the region, cod cooked in a pan. In addition, several side dishes to the lunch were made, which were inspired by food from several continents. The Queen got to taste humus from the Middle East and bread from Libya. For dessert she was served a traditional Norwegian dish consisting of vanilla cream, a cream made from cranberries and bread.

Queen Sonja’s School Award has been awarded annually since 2006 and this year there were a total of 16 schools that were nominated to receive the award. Schools are nominated by Norway’s 19 County governor`s that nominates schools from their county. The reason that it was Ila school that won this year was that the school is diverse and has put a renewed focus on enhancing the inclusion and work against bullying.

The school has a purposeful leadership that effectively works to include even the smallest minority. In addition, Ila participated in the five-year initiative Better Learning Environment organised by the Directorate of Education. The elementary school has its own action plan on suspicion of bullying – and train in this action plan and what it avert bullying and offensive behaviour and language means in practice. Also, the school student councils have contributed much to this work.

Ila is a primary school in central Trondheim, Norway’s fourth largest city. The school has 425 pupils of which 20% of the students are not ethnic Norwegian.

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