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Princess Märtha makes comeback as a horseback rider

Princess Märtha of Norway is making a comeback as a horseback rider. On Saturday, the princess will participate in Oslo Horse Show as a rider, for the first time in 16 years.

Tuesday the Princess met Norwegian and international press where she told that ever since she retired, she wanted to sit on horseback again. Princess Märtha was a professional rider for many years and participated in a number of major championships. Oslo Horse Show describes the Princess’s decision as the all-time comeback in Norwegian equestrian and say they are very happy to hear this news. Around 20,000 spectators are expected at the weekend’s event.

At the press conference, the princess also revealed some of the reasons why she decided to resign 16 years ago. The princess missed a more normal life. The enthusiasm was not as big and I missed time to spend with friends and to travel, the princess told to the press. One of the reasons why she has chosen to make here comeback is that she feels she now has a much stronger connection to animals and that she misses work whit the horses in the stables.

Princess Märtha`s three daughters has each have their own pony, so one can safely say that the horse interest has been handed down. The Princess do not have any own horse, but will use a horse she has used previously and that she feels she has a good relationship with the horse. The Princess has previously owned a number of horses and she sold one of her last horses in 2002 to Princess Haya of Jordan.

Princess Märtha started riding at the age of eight. With the Norwegian royal farm just minutes from the Royal Palace in Oslo, it was easy for the princess to own horses in the childhood and she spent much time with the horses at Bygdøy royal farm. In an interview with the Norwegian press, the princess said yesterday that she would ride to honor the memory of her recently deceased uncle, Haakon Haraldsen. Haakon Haraldsen, Queen Sonja brother and one of Princess Märtha`s godparent, died earlier this week, 95 years old.

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