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King Harald visits Rælingen and Enebakk

His Majesty King Harald V of Norway conducted a visit to the two villages of Rælingen and Enebakk in Akershus on Tuesday. This was the first time in his 26-year reign as a monarch that King Harald has travelled to these locations.

The theme for the visit was among other things to celebrate UN-Day. Rælingen and Enebakk are two villages and municipalities in Akershus County in eastern Norway.

The visit began with The King being welcomed at Løvenstad School. The welcome committee consisted of county governor Valgerd Svarstad Haugland, Vice-Police-Chief Arne Jørgen Olafsen and Mayor of Rælingen, Øivind Sand. There, His Majesty received a bunch of flowers brought to him by two five-year-olds, Benas and Lilly from the local kindergarten.

His Majesty receives flowers when he arrives at Rælingen. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen / Royal Central.

King Harald is welcomed by Akershus’s county governor. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen / Royal Central.

His Majesty King then undertook a guided tour of the school by the principal and two of the school’s representatives from the student council. On the tour, His Majesty saw was a musical performance by some fifth-grade students. Following that, The King watched students as they performed entertainment routines related to the United Nations, as the visit was conducted on UN Day.

Royal Central’s Europe Correspondent, Oskar Aanmoen, covered the visit to Rælingen. Before His Majesty went on, Oskar asked The King what he liked best about the visit so far. His Majesty replied: “I think it is very nice that the children participate and do things. I thought it was very nice and visiting schools is very nice. Particularly a school like this that has so many nationalities.”

King Harald then moved on to Rælingen local museum. Here, His Majesty was served lunch in the venerable old farm that stands there. His Majesty was welcomed by the head of the local history group who had lunch together while sharing stories. During the lunch, The King heard another song and both the mayor and county governor delivered short speeches. Both at The King’s arrival and departure from the museum, he was welcomed by the village’s senior choirs.

King Harald had the opportunity to warm up a little indoors occasionally during his visit. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen / Royal Central.

The visit continued at Flateby kindergarten where The King was welcomed with new flowers. After this, the 80-year-old Monarch listened to a song performed by the kindergarten’s 82 children. After all the children had sung for The King, five-year-old Thea presented him with a special letter. In this letter, there were a series of drawings and a letter with the wish that all children in the world would have a nice future.

The King then proceeded to Ignagard centre for elderly. Here, His Majesty was welcomed by the leader of the elderly centre, Marit Brenna. The King also had the opportunity to greet some of the people who use the centre and see some entertainment.

King Harald leaves Løvenstad School to move on to the village’s local museum. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen / Royal Central.

After this, The King arrived at his final destination, Ytre Enebakk school. Here, His Majesty observed the brand new school that is under construction. The school’s band welcomed the King and he received flowers yet again. The King then had a guided tour inside the building. His Majesty also had the opportunity to greet some of the 40 construction workers working at the school and more than 500 students who waited to see the King.

During the guided tour, the King, among other things, was shown the PC-room used during the construction of the school building. He also saw a state-of-the-art classroom at the school. Before he departed, His Majesty watched the students who performed the ‘constitution-song’, and the Mayor of Enebakk thanked The King for his visit before he went back to Oslo.

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