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King Harald delayed for two hours due to snow storm

His Majesty King Harald of Norway visited several places in southern Norway today, but the journey took an unexpected turn when the King was about to start his journey to Kristiansand earlier in the day. During the night, eastern Norway and the Norwegian interior were hit by a significant snowstorm. The snowstorm also affected His Majesty’s schedule.

It is common for the Norwegian Royal Family to travel by regular flights when they visit places in Norway. The King was expected to leave Oslo’s main airport Gardermoen on Monday morning, but slippery runways and bad visibility grounded all planes. The King’s aircraft was not allowed to go to Kristiansand Airport.

The weather did not get any better resulting in the King arriving very late. For almost two hours, His Majesty sat at the airport and waited for the weather to improve. Finally, the Armed Forces were forced to set up transportation and flew the King with a military transport plane to southern Norway, which in stark contrast to Eastern Norway today is characterised by sunshine and high temperatures.

King Harald was supposed to have started his visit to Songdalen at the local museum at 11 o’clock while his flight left Oslo first at 10:20; it took close to an hour for the plane to land in Kristiansen from Oslo. The King was then taken by car for about 30 minutes to arrive at his destination.

His Majesty has a very tight programme, but due to the delay, the schedule was shortened. The King’s visit to the local museum in Songdalen, according to the official program, was due to last for 30 minutes, but the King had to travel to his next event after just 17 minutes. More of the King’s planned visit could have been shortened throughout the day, as well, before His Majesty returned to Oslo late this evening.

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