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King Harald congratulates winners at skiing championships

This weekend, His Majesty King Harald of Norway attended the Norway championship for skiing. The ski teams ‘Varden Meråker’ and ‘Lyn’ won the gold medal for women and men on Sunday. His Majesty the King congratulated the winners when they finished. The relay for women was the day’s first contest.

King Harald arrived at the Norwegian championship for skiing on Saturday and stayed until Sunday evening. The King watched Saturday’s competitions from the Royal tribune with the President of the Norwegian skiing federation Erik Røste, County Governor Sigurd Tremoen and Mayor Willy Westhagen.Saturday night King Harald attended a dinner at Lygnasæter with several of those involved in the event.

Marit Bjørgen is perhaps one of the world’s most famous female skiing-athletes. When she won, she visited the King. The king said to Bjørgen that he was very impressed. Bjørgen said to the press that the King was in good spirits, but was worried that she was going too fast, considering that it was early in the season. Bjørgen managed to calm the King down and said that she also had gone very fast on skis before she took gold in the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010.

The King himself is an active skier and has been skiing all his life. Ever since he was a little boy, he was taken out to ski both by his father, King Olav and his grandfather King Haakon. King Harald has carried on the tradition and took his two children, Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Martha out skiing when they were younger. The Norwegian Royal Family owns several cabins on the mountain, and the tradition is that the entire royal family gathers at the lodge at Easter and goes skiing together.

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