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King Harald attends the World Championship in sailing

The World Championship in sailing started Tuesday and will last five days; the last sailing will happen on Saturday. Perhaps the most prominent athlete competing for the championship title is King Harald V of Norway. The King arrived in Østfold in Norway, where the tournament takes place, on Monday. There are 28 boats registered to start. Next to King Harald in “Sira,” there are also five other Norwegian vessels.

After the first day of sailing, the King’s boat was in sixth place. In this World Championship, the King manages an 8mR sailboat. The Norwegian television channel NRK has been in contact with an expert on sailing, which states that the King is only mentioned with the greatest respect by other sailors and international attendees. Last year, the King also participated in the World Championship in sailing in Canada.

Earlier this summer, King Harald attended the official opening of the King Harald World Gym for Life Challenge, a tournament in the King’s name. More than 2000 practitioners from 23 nations competed for one week for being the best in the world. In connection with the 80th birthday of the King earlier this year, the Norwegian Sports Association gave away three experiences from the sport as a gift to His Majesty the King. The World Gym for Life Challenge was one of these gifts.

His Majesty King Harald. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen

King Harald is not the only royal who this summer has devoted time to sailing. Earlier this summer, the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre.

Sports are significant to His Majesty the King and especially sailing. Throughout his life, the King has been an active athlete and been pleased to stay at sea and in nature. Even at the age of 80, His Majesty is a keen sailor and has participated with Norway’s National Sailing Team during three Olympic games.

King Harald has taken part in a series of World Championships and became World Champion in 1987 in the one-tonner class. He also has several medals from other competitions in sailing.

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