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King Harald attends opening of King Harald World Gym for Life Challenge

Yesterday, His Majesty King Harald of Norway attended the official opening of the King Harald World Gym for Life Challenge, a tournament in the King’s name.

When His Majesty arrived, he was greeted by the County Governor of Vestfold, Kristi Gilbert President of Norway’s Gymnastics and Turnal Association, and President Stig Nilssen in the Organisation Committee for King Harald’s World Gym for Life Challenge 2017. Five-year-old Tobias Børstad from Asker Tour Association had the pleasure of giving the King flowers when he arrived at Brunstad.

His Majesty King Harald. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.

In connection with the 80th birthday of the King earlier this year, the Norwegian Sports Association gave away three experiences from the sport as a gift to His Majesty the King. The World Gym for Life Challenge was one of these gifts. The tournament has been named King Harald World Gym for Life Challenge in the King’s honour.

Acrobatics and dance at a high level met His Majesty King when he attended the opening of the international championship King Harald’s World Gym for Life Challenge at Brunstad in the county of Vestfold. After the spectacular opening ceremony, King Harald had the pleasure of watching the first competitions.

King Harald attends a sailing event earlier this summer. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.

This is the third time the tournament has taken place, and it is a world championship in show gymnastics. This year, Norway is the host country. More than 2000 practitioners from 23 nations will compete for one week for being the best in the world. Globally, it is estimated that there are 50 million that engage in gymnastics and show gymnastics. Norway’s Gymnastics Association has 100,000 members, of which around 60,000 are active in gymnastics and show gymnastics.

Sports are significant to His Majesty the King. Throughout his life, the King has been an active athlete and been pleased to stay at sea and in nature. Even at the age of 80, His Majesty is a keen sailor and has participated with Norway’s national team in sailing during three Olympic games.

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