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Famous statue of King Olav vandalised

Close to the great ski jump in Holmenkollen in Norway’s capital of Oslo stands a statue of King Olav of Norway. However, one ski pole of the statue disappeared from the iconic statue of King Olav in Holmenkollen. Now it has been recovered only a few hours after it was discovered that the ski pole was gone.

It came to light that one of the ski poles of the statue was gone when the Secretary General of the Norwegian Ski Federation, Erik Eide, came to work Monday morning. He told the Norwegian television station TV2 that when he got to work, he noticed something was wrong with the famous statue of the King, which by many is called “The Ski King” because King Olav was so fond of skiing.

King Olav V of Norway was King of Norway between 1957 and 1991. Photo: The Royal Court & Felicia Wilson via Wikimedia Commons.

This is not the first time he has lost a ski pole. The ski pole was gone for about a month in the summer of 2014. Then, it was luckily found nearby. Employees at the ski museum and volunteers had been sent out in the forest nearby to search for the ski pole, and it was quickly found. The Secretary General was afraid that the ski pole had been stolen, but it was just a case of vandalism. The ski pole was taken from the statue and thrown in the forest nearby.

Now that the ski pole has been put back on the statue, everything is fine once again. The statue of King Olav is called “Skikongen,” Norwegian for The Ski King, and was unveiled by King Olav himself in 1984. The Secretary General of the Ski Federation says it is a shame that there has been vandalism and theft with such a sculpture. He says to TV2, “It’s probably a vandalism, and of course, it is very sad.”

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