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Crown Prince Haakon visits school to learn more about education technology

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway visited today the school, Teglverket in Oslo to get more knowledge about Norwegian technology used to teach students. Crown Prince Haakon will bring this information to London next week when he will be opening the Norwegian Pavilion at the BETT conference.

The Crown Prince was welcomed to the school by the Mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen. On his arrival, the Crown Prince also greeted the President of the Norwegian Education Authority, the director of the firm ICT Norway and the headmaster of Teglverket School. The headmaster at the school told the Crown Prince about the school and showed him around. The Teglverket school recently won the Innovation Award of 2017 for having facilitated so well for their students. After seeing the school, Crown Prince Haakon was welcomed by several pupils who showed off how to use various online platforms and tools. Some of the tools that were showed to the Crown Prince was Dragonbox, Kahoot !, Multi Smart and Kikora. The Crown Prince also got to participate in group work with many of the students and took his time to talk to many of the little children.

Norway has made great success in creating electronic aids that are used worldwide. More than 60 Norwegian companies produce online technology, and those are used by more than 140 million teachers and students worldwide. The Crown Prince will open the Norwegian Pavilion at the BETT conference in London on 26 January. BETT is the world’s largest meeting-arena in learning technology. Here, 40,000 attendees experience the latest in education technology. “The Norwegian Classroom” will consist of 11 Norwegian companies including Kahoot !, Conexus, Inspera, Kikora, Creaza, and the publisher Gyldendal. The reason why Crown Prince Haakon today visited the school in Oslo was because this school will be represented along with another school from Sandvika just outside Oslo at the BETT conference.

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