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Crown Prince Haakon opens centre for job creation

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway opened “Kubatoren” today in the west Norwegian city of Haugesund. This will be a meeting place for Norwegian entrepreneurs and a centre for creating new jobs in a region that is heavily influenced by the decline of the oil industry.

Haugesund has long worked to put in place a creative environment in the city. Today they opened “Kubatoren” and the Crown Prince was the first one to take a look at the building. There are opportunities in several buildings and floors. Many local companies in the Haugesund municipality have worked hard to get it up and running in the recent months. Now they hope more businesses and more jobs to turn up, but they also believe this will help to create a more vibrant city centre. Not only the Crown Prince but also entrepreneurs from around the western part of Norway were invited to the opening.

Not only the Crown Prince but also entrepreneurs from around the western part of Norway were invited to the opening. The first stop on today’s tour was a prototype workshop. Here the entrepreneurs can work to create prototypes with advanced tools, everything from a 3D printer to a laser cutter.

The city centre in Haugesund. Photo: Efarestv via Wikimedia Commons.

Twenty-three writing desks are already in place in the building’s upper floor. Both these and the meeting rooms can be rented when needed. In addition, there are courses and meetings aimed at entrepreneurs. In his opening

In his opening speech, Crown Prince Haakon said: “This is where exciting things happen. Many who previously worked in the offshore industry have lost their jobs and there are challenging times in Western Norway. Meanwhile, we see a huge increase in the number of entrepreneurs who need facilities like this.”

The Crown Prince met with several entrepreneurs who already uses “Kubatoren”.

Almost next door to “Kubatoren” is a former slaughterhouse which has now become a cultural centre. This was the second stop for the Crown Prince Haakon on his visit in Haugesund today. The house has been a meeting place for clubs and organisations, including meeting rooms, rehearsal rooms for bands and a café. The municipality has also plays a large part of the introduction program for immigrants.

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