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Crown Prince Haakon is this year’s protector of NRK’s charity broadcast

Each year a member of the Norwegian Royal Family becomes the high protector of state television channel NRK’s charity broadcast. This year it is His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon. His Royal Highness said to NRK: “It’s incredibly meaningful to participate in this TV campaign. It is a very unique virtue”.

NRK has decided that the money collected this year will go to UNICEF. The funds will go to their work to educate children affected by war and conflict. The countries UNICEF have chosen to give their funds to is Colombia, Mali, Syria, Pakistan and South-Sudan.

Crown Prince Haakon believes it is essential to fight poverty. Here he is earlier this year on a visit to Liberia to discuss the poverty problem. Photo: Kongehuset / The Royal Court via Instagram.

“I have a family where my father, my aunt and my grandparents at one point also were refugees. It has influenced me and how I see the world. I know that this is also a part of my history”, said the Crown Prince to NRK. The Crown Prince thinks that children and education make it extra meaningful for him to be the protector.

His Royal Highness said: “We must remember that everybody is a human, and that war and conflict are something that can strike us all. So this is incredibly important, as well for my family”.

The Crown Prince visited this fall Jordan to talk with Syrian refugees about education. There, he was deeply impressed with how UNICEF is working with the refugees.

“The children do not only lose school when they have to leave their country. They also bring with them trauma and experiences that make it difficult for them to learn again. They must have more help in recovering what they have lost. And that is exactly what UNICEF is working for”, said the Crown Prince in Jordan.

Crown Prince Haakon together with King Abdullah on his visit to Jordan earlier this year. PHOTO: SAHARA FOREST PROJECT VIA FLICKR

When members of the Norwegian Royal House become a protector for an organisation or an event, it usually happens for a period of five years, but not with the tv charity event. Mostly since its inception in 1974, each broadcast has received its own representative from the Royal House. The first of them was Queen Sonja who opened the very first broadcast in 1974.

Last year, several members of the royal family participated in NRK’s charity broadcast. Then Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit attended a live all-day broadcast. In 2016 Queen Sonja also donated one of her art pieces that was auctioned off, and all the revenue went to the Red Cross.

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