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Crown Prince Couple of Norway’s second day in Canada

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit continued their visit to Canada yesterday. On Monday, the two were in the capital of Ottawa, and yesterday they went on to Toronto. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess attended separate events. Crown Prince Haakon attended a workshop for Canadian and Norwegian music, while Crown Princess Mette-Marit attended a seminar on literature. There she spoke with several important contemporary writers, and several Norwegian writers were also present, including Erlend Loe and Hilde Kristin Kvalvaag. These two writers have sold many books in Canada, and by doing so, helped to promote Norwegian literature in a good way in the international market.

Toronto. Photo: Dennis Jarvis via Wikimedia Commons.

Toronto. Photo: Dennis Jarvis via Wikimedia Commons.

After the two had attended their separate engagements, the two went together to Ryerson University. At Ryerson University, they attended a seminar on innovation. Innovation is something which the Crown Prince particularly regards as very important. This university has a building designed by the Norwegian architect firm “Snøhetta” – Ryerson University Student Learning Centre. Haakon and Mette-Marit were given a guided tour of this building after the seminar.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit received much attention when she, in a speech, shared her father-in-law’s experiences from the Amazon jungle. King Harald visited the Brazilian rainforest in 2012 and lived several days with a local Indian tribe. The Crown Princess stressed that it was important to listen to the indigenous population. She said, “Indigenous peoples possess knowledge and experience worth listening to in many matters. Above all in the matter, which is by far the most important for us today, the respect for life and Mother Earth. I hope we all can bear this in mind on this visit – as a common ground, a foundation, for all our bilateral cooperation.”

Ryerson University Student Learning Centre. Photo: Secondarywaltz via Wikimedia Commons.

Ryerson University Student Learning Centre. Photo: Secondarywaltz via Wikimedia Commons.

The final event that Their Royal Highnesses attended before they retired to the hotel was the international film premiere of the Norwegian Oscar candidate, The King’s Choice. This movie is one of the most popular films ever created in Norway and is about the Norwegian Royal Family in the first three days of the German invasion of Norway during World War II. You can see the trailer of this film at the bottom of this article.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess will spend most of today in Toronto before they travel to their last destination for this official visit, St John’s in the evening. In St John’s, Newfoundland, the two will focus on the oil industry, research and security in the Arctic.

The Norwegian Royal Court will continuously add new pictures from the visit. You can see the images here.

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