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Ari Behn, former husband of Princess Märtha Louise, sent to hospital after car accident

Friday morning, Ari Behn, former husband of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, was involved in a car accident. The misfortune was so serious that the divorced man of the Princess was sent to the hospital. The police were told that the car he was in had driven off the road at 11:30 local Norwegian time. Police, the fire brigade and ambulance moved out to assist at the crash site.

To the press, the police declared that they arrived quickly to the scene of the accident. The incident occurred near Toppenhaugen, not far from Ari Behn’s private residence. A bus driver first reported the crash.

The local newspaper Budstikka was informed by someone who witnessed the accident that the Princess’s former husband got out of the car and stood on the roadside until the ambulance came while he was using his mobile phone. Ari Behn’s car suffered considerable damage in the accident.

Ari Behn in 2013. Photo: Frankie Fouganthin via Wikimedia Commons.

Apparently, the car’s wheels came off the road, and it ended up in the ditch. The Oslo police district reported on Twitter that the right side of the car scratched against the mountain wall. “The driver has explained to the patrol at the accident location that there was a truck on the opposite side and that he tried to swing away to avoid a bigger accident,” said the police to the press.

Just before 12 o’clock, the police reported that Ari Behn appeared unharmed and was not under the influence of alcohol when he used the car. The fact that he was taken to the hospital was described as just a routine check.

Ari Behn is a Norwegian author; he married Princess Märtha Louise in 2002. In 2016, it became known that they were to divorce. Princess Märtha Louise elder child and only daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway. Together, the Princess and Mr Behn have three daughters.

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