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Queen Maxima Visits Psychiatric Institution Parnassia Group

Queen Maxima visited the Parnassia Group Psychiatric Care Institution on Wednesday in The Hague.

The Queen was received by Stephan Valk, the chairman of Parnassia Group, and then met with two clinical psychologists, David van den Berg and Mark van den Gaag, on a variety of topics including early detection, treatment, traumatisation, and the possibility of preventing psychoses in young people.

Following this, the Queen met with two patients and therapists to talk about the new approach of the Group.

Parnassia Group’s vision is to “help people who suffer from mental illness,” per its website, and works to “contribute to the quality of life of people.”

The Group, with its specialists, “provide people with assistance in restoring their mental health, their autonomy and commitment.”

The Parnassia Group has helped over 160,000 people as of 2016 and has 400 locations in the Netherlands. The carers are specialised in areas pertaining to “short-term and low-threshold psychiatric help”, child psychiatry, intercultural psychiatry, addiction services, complex psychiatry, forensic and intensive psychiatry, and homecare specialists that are spread out over the Netherlands ready to help anyone who calls.

While on her visit, Queen Maxima also visited the open-air section of the facility, where patients suffering from severe psychiatric disorders are treated. The Queen met with specialists who work in this area and spoke about changes to long-term psychiatry and how interference and pampering care is developing.

Following this meeting, Queen Maxima met with several patients in the common room of this area.


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