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Queen Máxima opens newly renovated Musis theatre

The newly renovated Musis theatre in Arnhem, the Netherlands was opened today by Queen Máxima.

Queen Máxima entered to applause with the newly appointed mayor of Arnhem, Mr Marcouch. After a rap performed by children and a Cuban Ouverture by George Gershwin played by the Gelders Orkest, the Queen officially opened the theatre. Royal Central’s Assistant Editor Moniek Bloks was in the theatre as it was opened by the Her Majesty.

The second part of the concert consisted of compositions by children and Aladdin Suite Op.34, Aladdin’s Dream and Dance of the Morning Mist and Negro Dance.

The historical “Muzenzaal” has been completely renovated and connected with the newly built “Parkzaal”. The Musis will have an open house until the 14th of January with several concerts by the orchestra and they will also include Introdans, the local Art school ArtEZ and Stagegroup  Oostpool.

Queen Máxima is the patron of the Stichting Méér Muziek in de Klas (More Music in Class Foundation), which aims to get more children interested in music and that all primary school children will have a musical education by 2020. Queen Máxima recently wrote a blog called “Crescendo” after attending the Christmas Music Gala, which was posted on the website of the More Music in Class Foundation. She wrote, “I am very happy with all the deserved attention for musical education, and I am proud of what we have done together. More Music in Class is going crescendo. Music is getting a regular place in school and with that a regular place in the lives of children. That is very valuable.”

Queen Máxima went on to write about how children across the Netherlands are learning how fun it is to make music and commended teachers for utilising it in their classrooms. She went on to explain how much she enjoys visiting musical working visits saying, “For me personally every musical working visit is a party. It’s very fun to speak to the young talents who are in Long Live the Music show. Some of them visited me in my home.”

She went on to highlight some of the children who visited her and praising them for their talents on their instruments, “Like Joel (12) who is amazing on the piano. And Aster (10) who knows everything about the tuba. Emma (12) told me that she can release all her feelings into her violin. Happiness, anger, sadness, you can make everything come out of a violin.”

Photo by Petra Dielman/ArnhemLife

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