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Queen Máxima Launches Neighbours’ Day

Earlier today, Her Majesty, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands launched Neighbours’ Day in Urk. Neighbours’ Day is an annual event organised by Douwe Egberts and the Orange Fund.

The purpose of the event is to celebrate and promote contact between neighbours. The belief is that neighbourhoods are safer if neighbours know each other, meet, and are social. People are known to have neighbourhood breakfasts, barbeques, sports and games, and all work together to make the neighbourhood nicer on this day each year. The Dutch Monarchy said on Facebook that over 1 million people participated last year. This year it will take place on Saturday, the 24th of September.

She was welcomed at the fishing village at the Child Centre, and she then met with representatives of different neighbourhoods. In their meeting, the representatives presented to her their plans for the day and their expectations for the event, as well. Afterwards, she gave the go-ahead for national registration. This was the first time Máxima has visited Urk. Urk is in the province of Flevoland in the central Netherlands.

While there, Her Majesty also spoke with those who were affected by the gas explosion on the specifically impacted block of the town on 3 June. The explosion was believed to have come from excavation work that was going on regarding the renovation of the sewage. Residents within 200 two hundred metres were evacuated. Queen Máxima and the mayor, Pieter van Maaren, spoke with them regarding their personal experiences of the day. Three were injured in the explosion.

The Dutch Monarchy referenced the Burendag website ( for people to find out more information about the upcoming event. Also, neighbourhoods can begin registering today to participate by visiting via the Burendag website referenced above. Applying for financial aid for the event can also be done on the site.

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