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Queen Máxima attends World Health Care Congress

Queen Máxima attended the World Health Care Congress on Thursday in The Hague.

The Queen attended several events, starting with the Let’s Go Global Health Panel, which questioned how a nation should address global health challenges.

“Many health challenges do not stop at national borders, and most health problems have social, political and economic impacts,” reads the panel’s description on the World Health Care Congress website.

“International rankings show that the Netherlands is home to a top performing health system and a strong life sciences and health sector. The world is spending over US$ 3 trillion a year, and this number keeps on growing due to increasing demand for quality healthcare. Could and should the Netherlands step up its ambitions in contributing to Global Health?”

Queen Máxima then attended the Smart Solutions Expo, where people were invited to display an “innovation, product, service or concept to a national and international audience of life sciences and health experts and stakeholders.”

Over 40 products were on display at the Expo, with the goal to “tackle shared challenges to modernise, optimise and increase the quality, affordability and accessibility of healthcare.”

Usono was voted as the winner, for its research into improving ultrasound examination quality.

“It’s great to win this award,” said Jori Verbeek, Chief Technology Officer for Usono. “I haven’t thought of any international activity in particular yet. But if it’s again in the presence of royalty, we are more than happy to join!”

Queen Máxima also received the newest edition of the Health Holland Guide, which lists over 120 companies, “innovative Dutch organisations, which are active worldwide in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector.”

The Health Holland Guide offers brand awareness for companies looking to boost their international profile.

Delegates from countries including China, Germany, Kenya, Poland, South Africa, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and the United States, attended the World Health Care Congress, which was held in Fokker Terminal in The Hague.

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