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Princess Laurentien attends premiere of Sprookjessprokkelaar

Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands has recently attended the premiere of the new musical of the amusement park “Efteling” in Kaatsheuvel. The story of the “Sprookjessprokkelaar” was co-authored by the Princess.

In 2014 Princess Laurentien and the Dutch famous children’s author Paul Van Loon wrote “De Sprookjessprokkelaar”. The book was written in collaboration with the Dutch amusement park “Efteling”. In ‘Sprookjessprokkelaar de musical’ we follow the 12-year-old Sterre who meets her grandfather at the edge of the forest. Her grandfather shows her a hidden fairy tale library in the abandoned castle. There, behind the right door, waiting for a lot of stories to be read and told. Does Sterre find the right door to the fairy tales library? What’s behind all those other doors? And who is “Sprookjessprokkelaar”?

Princess Laurentien, the sister-in-law of King Willem-Alexander, wrote the book using the name “Laurentien of Orange”. The book was a success and is still available online and in various bookstores. Now, the story has been used to create a musical. At this point, the musical can only be seen in the theatre of Efteling. Princess Laurentien couldn’t miss the premiere of the musical. After the show, she posed with the 35 cast members consisting of many children, their grandparents, etc.

Princess Laurentien said after the premiere: “It is definitely an honour. The wonderful thing is that you come up with ideas, characters, etc. and now it comes to life. It’s definitely very special.”

The cast of the Sprookjessprokelaar poses with Princess Laurentien. (P: De Efteling)

Princess Laurentien is very much involved with reading, books and literacy. She founded the foundation “Lezen en Schrijven” or “Reading and Writing” in her fight against low literacy. She often goes to schools to read to children.

The amusement park “Efteling” has a close connection with the Dutch Royal Family. Each year, Princess Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme collects the money out of the fountains of the park in her role as patron of Save the Children”. The money is used for the foundation. Four generations of the Royal family have visited the park as part of public duties and private.

The musical “De Sprookjessprokkelaar” is still in the Efteling Theater in the weekends and holidays and definitely worth a visit.

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