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Princess Alexia back in hospital for surgery

Princess Alexia of the Netherlands was back in hospital today to have surgery on the leg that she broke during her ski-holiday in Austria last February. During the surgery they removed a plate and several screws which were put in shortly after the accident to help the break heal properly.  The operation went well and Princess Alexia was allowed the leave the Erasmus MC-Sophia Hospital in Rotterdam several hours after the surgery to recover at home. The doctors expect that this will be the final step of the treatment for the Princess’ leg.

This isn’t the first time Dutch royalty have been involved in skiing accidents whilst holidaying in Lech. During their 2012 holiday, Princess Alexia’s uncle, Prince Friso, was buried under an avalanche. He was found after 25 minutes, followed by 50 minutes of CPR due to a cardiac arrest. He never regained full consciousness and was eventually transferred to the Wellington Hospital in London, where he and his wife, Princess Mabel and their children, lived. After a year he was transferred to Huis ten Bosch in the Netherlands, where he died on 12 August 2013 due to complications from the accident.

Despite Prince Friso’s tragic accident, the Dutch royal family has chosen to continue coming back to Lech each year. They also hold an annual photo shoot there for the media, and in return, they are left alone by the press to enjoy their holidays.

Princess Alexia is the second of three daughters. Her elder sister Princess Catherina-Amalia was born in 2003, Princess Alexia was born in 2005, followed by Princess Ariane in 2007. Her father has been King of the Netherlands since her grandmother’s abdication on 30 April 2013 and since then her elder sister is known as the Princess of Orange as the heiress apparent. Princess Alexia is currently second in line to the throne behind her sister.

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