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Prime Minister of the Netherlands in full support of allowance for Princess Catharina-Amalia

Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte has put his full support behind the allowance that The Princess of Orange will begin receiving when she turns 18-years-old on 7 December 2021.

Some Dutch members of Parliament have expressed frustration with the allowance to be given to the future Queen. Prime Minister Rutte said it was populism to blame for the MPs questioning the amount of money she will be granted.

Her Royal Highness will be given €250,000 per year, which is roughly equivalent to £224,000. The Netherlands future queen will also receive €1.2 million (approximately £1.1 million) for private staff and expenses. This aforementioned amount was approved by the House of Representatives of the Netherlands eight years ago.

Prime Minister Rutte also made it clear that The Princess of Orange will be the future monarch and was not able to ever get another job by saying, “[Catharina-Amalia] is the next queen of the Netherlands, and that this is her job.” His opinion was in contrast to that of Socialist Party Member of Parliament, Ronald van Raak, who heavily criticised the amount Her Royal Highness is due to receive. Democrats 66 leader, Alexander Pechtold sided with Ronald van Raak about The Princess of Orange’s tax-free “pocket money”.

The expenses and budget of the Dutch Monarchy were up for debate yesterday in the House of Representatives, which is the lower house in the Dutch Parliament. King Willem-Alexander pays the wealth tax on the same basis as the ordinary Dutch citizen. However, he does not pay a vehicle tax or tax on his and his family’s allowances.

An alleged agreement was made in the 1970s which stipulated that the Dutch monarch was to be given an extra 150,000 Dutch guilders to compensate for the wealth tax. If true, His Majesty would benefit greatly from the agreement, but Rutte argued that King Willem-Alexander was not aware of any compensation given out based on the 1970s agreement. However, the Prime Minister also said yesterday that there was no evidence of this deal.

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