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King Willem-Alexander receives estate of 400 hectares

It has been revealed that King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has very recently been gifted an estate of 400 hectares. His mother, Princess Beatrix donated the property to her eldest son.

Princess Beatrix has given part of her property to her son King Willem-Alexander as the donation deed of the Land Registry was made public. The estate “De Horsten” is situated in Wassenaar, South Holland. The domain measures 400 hectares and contains 21 registered houses. The property can be seen as a family heirloom as it has been in the ownership of the Dutch Royal family since 1845. The estate is the private property of the family and not of the Dutch State. Part of the land is also open to the public. Several hiking trails cross the estate.

Unlike before, Princess Beatrix, the former Queen of the Netherlands, decided to grant the estate to her son while she is still alive. In the past, the Princess received “De Horsten” after the death of her mother, Queen Juliana who received it after the death of her mother, Queen Wilhelmina. Princess Beatrice hasn’t done this to evade taxes as according to the Dutch Constitution, the Dutch Royal family is not obligated to pay inheritance and gift taxes.

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and their children already live at Villa Eikenhorst at “De Horsten”. However, the family is expected to move to the Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague “at the appropriate moment”. The Palace is the property of the State of the Netherlands and is also used for official ceremonies etc.

It remains unclear whether King Willem-Alexander’s brother Prince Constantijn has received a property as well. King Willem-Alexander’s other brother, Prince Friso passed away after a skiing accident in 2013. Princess Beatrix currently lives at Drakensteyn Castle, where she used to live with her husband and sons before she became Queen of the Netherlands. The Princess still owns several properties.


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