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King Willem-Alexander opens new laboratory in Zutphen

On Thursday, 26 January King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands opened a new dairy laboratory called Qlip in Zutphen, Netherlands.

The Commissioner of the King, Clemens Cornielje and Mayor Annemieke Vermeulen accompanied His Majesty on a tour on the newly opened Qlip. It will analyse close to 15 million raw milk samples a year from goats and cows.

King Willem-Alexander presented director Jan Bobbink the first official certificate before he saw the new facility. Like anyone else who visits Qlip, the King had to put on one of the white lab coats before getting a tour. The marketing manager of Qlip told Dutch news Blauw Bloed, “There are strict rules. In the laboratory, each wearing a white coat.”

Many of the employees were eager to meet the King. The marketing manager told the same publication, “All employees are given the opportunity to be present during the visit.” Half of the employees met King Willem-Alexander before he was given a tour and the other half met him afterwards.

His Majesty also learned about the new developments in the dairy sector. Not only does Qlip analyse raw milk, but they also review butter, cheese, baby formula, and milk powder. He also “took a cheese sample and symbolic analysis” according to the press release by Qlip.

Friday, Willem-Alexander was in Heerenveen and opened the newly renovated ice arena, Thialf. The renovations cost 50 million euros. He also visited the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) where His Majesty attended the movie premiere of Double Play. This film is based off on the internationally acclaimed novel by the same name. The Dutch language book was written by Frank Martinus Arion who hails from the Caribbean island country of Curaçao.  

Double Play is set during the colonial unrest of the 1970s in Curaçao. It focuses on the period of transition from being a Dutch colony to a self-governing country. The island nation, 40 kilometres north of Venezuela, is still part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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