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King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima host lunch for Dutch stars

Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands hosted a lunch at Noordeinde Palace for distinguished Dutch men and women who have set themselves apart through “exceptional performance” on Tuesday, 11 April. This is the 25th year this event has been held and hosted by a Dutch monarch.

According to the Royal House of the Netherlands in a press release after the event, “The 28 invitees recently received a prize or other award for their achievements in areas as diverse as art, culture, media and journalism, science, sports and business.”

The King and Queen wanted to show their appreciation and support for these people’s achievements through lunch at Noordeinde Palace in The Hague. Some famous Dutch faces who attended included Paul Verhoeven, filmmaker; Jesse Puts, swimmer; Alex and Jacqueline Glijn, world champions in wheelchair dancing; Gerard Joling, singer; and Tineke de Nooij, radio producer.

Some of those in attendance have recently won awards in their fields. These include Gerard Joling winning the Lifetime Achievement Award and Sanne Wevers, gymnast, as the Sportswoman of the Year. Additionally, winners of the Spinoza Prize, Professors Wilhelm Huck and Bart van Wees, and the Silver Camera winner, Cigdem Yuksel.

His Majesty posted on the Dutch Monarchy’s official Facebook page, “A happy and inspiring meeting with standouts at Noordeinde Palace. For the 25th time, we welcome people who have done extraordinary work in their field.”

He continued, “From technical physics to wheelchair dancing, from entrepreneurship to volunteer work and from cycling to Dutch Design.”

King Willem-Alexander concluded his message by saying, “Lovely to see and to hear how standouts in such vastly different fields recognise themselves in each other and inspire one another!”

Their Majesties do not have any more events scheduled until after the Easter holiday. King Willem-Alexander will be back to work on 19 April and Queen Máxima on 20 April.

  • UF

    Hard to comprehend someone would attend the King and Queen at their royal palace to be honored by them and show up without a tie on. The younger generations simply lack a sense of the appropriate.

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