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King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima get new china

The Royal House of the Netherlands revealed the new fine china sets for King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima on Tuesday before the couple hosted the annual dinner for the diplomatic corps at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

The fine china features the King and Queen’s joint monogram in the centre with blue flowers and birds as decoration around it. The couple had been using the older fine china that had been passed down from the King’s mother, the now Princess Beatrix from her time as Queen. However, the fine china set from her reign had lost several pieces that could not be replaced; as a result, the King and Queen ordered a new set for Willem-Alexander’s time on the throne.

The Royal House also released images of the new uniforms for those working at the Royal Palace and during the dinner.

Photo: RVD/Maarten Schut

Photo: RVD/Maarten Schut

According to Dutch news Blauw Bloed, the dinner for the diplomatic corps was the first time the new fine china was able to be used, and it was also the first time the workers wore their new uniforms.

Photo: RVD/Maarten Schut

The annual dinner “takes place to maintain and strengthen international relations,” according to a press release sent out by the Royal House. Each year the dinner has a different focus; this year, the focus was on international business. The King invited representatives from international businesses, ambassadors and consuls to the event on Tuesday evening. Previous years have focused on international law and culture.

Princess Beatrix and her sister Princess Margriet were in attendance, as well as Princess Margriet’s husband, Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven.

While Queen Máxima arrived in her gown, tiara and jewels, King Willem-Alexander arrived dressed down in khakis and a sports coat after coming straight from another event. The King had to change into his formal wear after he entered the Royal Palace. The couple and their daughters do not reside in the Royal Palace of Amsterdam but rather at Villa Eikenhorst on the De Horsten estate in Wassenaar.

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